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1. Plunged: (verb)
Meaning: Jump or dive quickly and energetically. (कूद पड़े)
Antonym:  Descent, Dive, Fall, Jump
Synonym:  Ascent, Rise, Increase
Example: He plunged the knife into the cake.
Related Words:
Trick: They managed to plunged them into the water.


2. Mobilization: (noun)
Meaning: The ability to move or be moved freely and easily. (गतिशीलता)
Synonym: Flexibility, Maneuverability, Motility, Movability
Antonym: Immobility, Immovability, Immotility, Immovableness
Example: She lost mobility in her left hand.
Related Words:
Mobilize, Mobility
Trick: The adaptation of new policies helps in mobilization.  


3. Bilateral: (adjective)
Meaning:  Having or relating to two sides; affecting both sides. (द्विपक्षीय)
Synonym:  Cooperative, Collective, Reciprocal, Communal
Antonym:  Unilateral, Individual, Single, Personal
Example:  In these cases the damage was invariably bilateral.
Related Words:
Trick: The arrival is bilateral.


4. Struggling: (adjective)
Meaning: striving to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance. (संघर्षरत)
Synonym:  excruciating, harrowing, intense, tortuous
Antonym: pleasant, pleasing, successful, prospering
Example:  She's struggling to survive.
Related Words:
Trick: He is struggling for his juggling.

5. Fraught: (adjective)
Meaning: causing or affected by anxiety or stress. (व्याकुल)
Synonym:  charged, filled, replete, abounding
Antonym: quiet, easy, tranquil, peaceful
Example:  The situation was fraught with danger.
Related Words:
Trick: The fight cause the fraught.

6. Reboot: (verb)
Meaning: boot or be booted again. (फिर शुरु करना)
Synonym: reset, bootstrap, load, restart
Antonym: sedate, de-energise, anesthetize
Example: The computer must be rebooted for the changes to take effect.
Related Words:
Rebooting, rebooted
Trick: The devices should be reboot before the shoot.


7. Premier: (adjective)
Meaning: first in importance, order, or position (प्रधान)
Synonym: arch, beginning, champion, chief
Antonym: auxiliary, extra, final, inessential
Example: The Italian premier met with the leaders of many other nations during the conference.
Trick: He is the qualifier and now can become premier.


8. Stalled: (verb)
Meaning: stop or cause to stop making progress. (ठप)
Synonym: delayed, negotiated, postponed, adjourned
Antonym: advanced, forwarded, furthered, hastened
Example: I stalled the car twice during my driving test but still managed to pass.
Related Words:
Trick: The owner brawled at system and the police stalled the company.


9. Transgressions: (noun)
Meaning: an act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct (पाप)
Synonym:  violation, sin, crime, offence
Antonym: righteousness, guiltlessness, virtue, morality
Example: Anna, as she entered the studio, had a sudden sense of transgression.
Related Words:
Trick: He had done transgression at the time of regression


10. Troops: (noun)
Meaning: soldiers or armed forces. (सैनिकों)
Synonym: army, contingent, crew, delegation
Antonym: civilians, individual, one
Example: During the war, he preached often to his troops.
Trick: There are scoop of troops.


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