Enhance your vocabulary with vocab words - 30th July 2023

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We don’t need to tell you the importance of speaking fluent English. Be it facing any interview, interacting among peer groups, or gaining confidence in life in general, a person who is fluent in a global language will not feel out of place in any situation. Moreover, in many exams, vocabulary plays a major role in solving a variety of questions. So why wait, begin your learning with Class24.

Intention: (noun)

Meaning: An aim or plan (इरादा)

Synonym: Aim, Hope, Motive, Objective

Antonym: Flexible, Indefinite, Soft, Trivial

Example: She announced her intention to run for governor.

Related Words:

Intended, Intentionally

Trick: His intention was the correction of laws.

Inclusion: (noun)

Meaning:  The act of including (समावेश)

Synonym:  Incorporation, Addition, Insertion, Introduction, Involvement

Antonym:  Exclusion, Omission, Absence, Exception.

Example:  She is being considered for inclusion in the Olympic team.

Related words:

Inclusive, Inclusively

Trick: The are doing the inclusion of many people in the division process.

Expressed: (verb)

Meaning: To show something such as a feeling or an opinion by words or actions (व्यक्त)

Synonym:  Communicate, Convey, Indicate, Show

Antonym:  Suppress, Restrict, Restrain, Stifle

Example:  He expressed an interest in the product

Related Words:

Expressing, Expressive

Trick: They expressed and suppressed their feeling

Consulting: (verb)

Meaning: Seek information or advice from (someone, especially an expert or professional). (परामर्श)

Synonym: Argue, Brainstorm, Consider, Deliberate

Antonym: Ignore, Neglect, Answer, Reply

Example: She consulted many respectable people in the village, but none could see a way out of the difficulty.

Related Words:

Consultation, Consultative, Consulted

Trick: They are meeting and consulting to the doctor

Prominent: (adjective)

Meaning: Important or famous (प्रमुख)

Synonym: Outstanding, Arresting, Beetling, Bulging

Antonym: Depressed, Inconspicuous, Invisible, Obscure

Example: She has a rather prominent nose

Related Words:

Prominently, Prominence

Trick: The prominent person is more sufficient

Suspects: (verb)

Meaning: Have an idea or impression of the existence, presence, or truth of (something) without certain proof. (संदिग्ध)

Synonym: Open, Pseudo, Doubtable, Thick

Antonym: Innocent, Known, Trusted, Trustworthy

Example: He's suspected in four burglaries.

Related Words:

Suspected, Suspecting, Suspicious, Suspiciously

Trick: Crime prove hone tak Suspect ki respect karni chahiye

Subversive: (adjective)

Meaning: Undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution). (नष्ट कर दना)

Synonym: Corrupt, Debase, Overthrow, Pervert

Antonym: Aid, Help, Improve, Purify

Example: The rebel army is attempting to subvert the government.

Related Words:

Subverted, Subverting

Trick: He divulged the flame by the eroded rocks.

Hatched: (verb)

Meaning: Open and produce a young animal. (बनाना)

Synonym: Breed, Conceive, Concoct, Devise

Antonym: Destroy, Discourage, Disorganize, Dissuade

Example: There is also some effect on the viability of larvae after hatching.

Related Words:


Trick: The egg is hatched and the chick is detached

Executing: (verb)

Meaning: The carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action. (क्रियान्वयन)

Synonym: Accomplish, Achieve, Discharge, Effect

Antonym: Clemency, Commutation, Forbearance, Forgiveness

Example: He was sentenced to execution by firing squad, but given life imprisonment because he had already served 12 years.

Related Words:

Executory, Execution, Executed

Trick: The plan is executed and exerted carefully.

Probing: (verb)

Meaning: A blunt-ended surgical instrument used for exploring a wound or part of the body. (जांच)

Synonym: Investigation, Examination, Inquest, Scrutiny

Antonym: Gentle, Idiotic, Kind, Nice.

Example: He didn't like the police probing him about his past.

Related Words:

Probe, Probed

Trick: You have to probe through this telescope.