Mindfulness helps students fight exam stress

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In this world, when everything is competitive, which thing can help a student relieve the exam stress? So, the answer is 'You' only. Only your technique to handle the stress can make you feel better in this competitive world. As per some research, the technique called 'mindfulness' can help fight exam stress. In the Class24 blog, we will learn about how Mindfulness helps students fight exam stress. Let's discuss.

To understand the mindfulness technique, first, we need to understand about the stress. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stress is defined as a state of worry or mental tension, which is caused by a difficult situation. In life, everyone has experienced stress to some extent.

How does Stress affect us?

The stress can affect the mind and body of an individual. In our daily lives, we all experience stress, while performing many daily activities. Students feel stressed when exams/tests/ are near, and they feel that after a long time of study, they don't remember anything about exams. So they feel stressed, which directly or indirectly affects their health, mental peace, and time.

They should understand that a little bit of stress is good for them, which encourages their growth, but too much stress can definitely harm their health, peace, etc.

Signs of stress:

There are numerous signs given by our body, that an individual is in stress, such as anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping, loss our appetite, etc. These signs are not the same for every individual, these can vary from person to person.

But the significant question is how can we rid of stress? Is there any way to fight exam stress? So the answer is yes, we can rid of the exam stress or any stress by engaging ourselves in activities, by doing some mindfulness activities, etc. Now the question is, how mindfulness can help students fight exam stress?

How does mindfulness help students fight exam stress?

Mindfulness is the state of mind, of being conscious or aware of something. There are many activities that can help a student fight exam stress such as time management, sleeping well, doing more exercise, eating healthy food, etc.

There are many mindfulness activities, that help students fight exam stress. Such as

Walking meditation:

A student should do meditation, to keep senses in control. When a person is able to control his/her senses, he/she can control his/her emotions. This way can help to control the exam stress, during the exams.


As we have stated, keep yourself busy with one task, and move forward after completing the existing task. This way helps you to improve the focus of students. In the same way, when a student is studying the chapter, maintain full focus on that chapter, rather than thinking about the full course.

Mindful eating:

The best way to fight exam stress is to maintain a healthy diet. When you eat healthy, it keeps your body healthy.

Do not Panic:

Whenever you feel stressed, try to keep yourself calm, as much as possible, and do not panic. As panic can make the situation worse, which directly affect your activities, health, etc.

Ask for help:

If you are in any doubt, related to anything, ask for help from your close ones, teachers, friends, etc. You can also connect with Class 24 team for any exam related doubt.