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Class24 prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need for meaningful work. Regardless of vocation, your vocabulary is important part because it impacts how you communicate with others and how to impress.

Here are 10 words to learn that will expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

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Ramification (noun)

Meaning- one of a number of complicated and unexpected results that follow an action or a decision (जटिलता)

Synonym- Complication, Branch, Offshoot

Antonym- Cause, Source, Origin

Example- The ramifications of this one, if it goes all the way, are huge.

Allocate (verb)

Meaning- to give something officially to somebody/something for a particular purpose (आबंटित)

Synonym- Allot, Assign, Earmark

Antonym- Keep, Withhold, Deny

Example- We need to determine the best way to allocate our resources.

Staple (adj.)

Meaning- forming a basic, large or important part of something (मुख्य)

Synonym- Basic, Main, Chief

Antonym- Minor, Secondary, Extra

Example- I need to buy some staples, like bread and milk.

Compel (verb)

Meaning- to make something necessary (मजबूर)

Synonym- Constrain, Make, Force

Antonym- Block, Delay, Deter

Example- Illness compelled him to stay in bed.

Dispute (noun)

Meaning- an argument between two people, groups or countries (विवाद)

Synonym- Quarrel, Challenge, Contest

Antonym- Agreement, Accord, Harmony

Example- The source of the text has been disputed for centuries.

Obligated (adj.)

Meaning- having a moral or legal duty to do something (बाध्य)

Synonym- Obliged, Indebted, Bound

Antonym- Ungrateful, Unbeholden

Example- You are obligated by law to repay the loan.

Peril (noun)

Meaning- serious danger (खतरा)

Synonym- Hazard, Risk, Menace

Antonym- Safety, Security, Certainty

Example- The heroine finds herself in mortal peril.

Craft (noun)

Meaning- skill in making people believe what you want them to believe (शिल्प)

Synonym- Cunning, Slyness

Antonym- Incapacity, Inability

Example- She crafted a strategy to boost the company's earnings.

Problematic (adj.)

Meaning- difficult to deal with or to understand (अनिश्चित)

Synonym- Questionable, Debatable, Tricky

Antonym- Certain, Undoubted, Clear

Example- The length of runs is also problematic.

Effective (adj.)

Meaning- producing the result that is wanted or intended (प्रभावकारी)

Synonym- Effectual, Operative, Powerful

Antonym- Ineffective, Useless, Inefficient

Example- Simple antibiotics are effective against this organism.

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