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Here are 10 words to learn that will expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

1. Accrue (verb)
Meaning- to allow a sum of money or debts to grow over a period of time (प्राप्त)
Synonym- Accumulate, Collect, Gather
Antonym- Decrease, Disperse, Scatter
Example- If you do not pay within 28 days, interest will accrue.

2. Lucrative (adj.)
Meaning- making a large profit (लाभप्रद)
Synonym- Profitable, Paying, Remunerative
Antonym- Unprofitable, Unfavorable
Example- He gave up a lucrative career as a lawyer to look after his kids.

3. Persona (noun)
Meaning- the aspects of a person’s character that they show to other people, especially when their real character is different (व्यक्तित्व)
Synonym- Character, Image, Personality
Antonym- Regularity, Normality, Standard
Example- His public persona is that of a strong, determined leader, but in private life he's very insecure.

4. Pounce (verb)
Meaning- to move suddenly forwards in order to attack or catch somebody/something (झपटना)
Synonym- Leap, Attack, Spring
Antonym- Aid, Ascend, Recoil
Example- He pounced on the photographer, beat him up and smashed his camera.

5. Disparaging (adj.)
Meaning- suggesting that somebody/something is not important or valuable (अपमानजनक)
Synonym- Derogatory, Disdainful, Scornful
Antonym- Favorable, Admiring, Praising
Example- He was critical of the people, disparaging of their crude manners.

6. Detractor (noun)
Meaning- a person who tries to make somebody/something seem less good or valuable by criticizing them/it (विरोधी)
Synonym- Critic, Attacker, Defamer
Antonym- Supporter
Example- This performance will silence many of his detractors.

7. Endure (verb)
Meaning- to experience and deal with something that is painful or unpleasant without giving up (सह)
Synonym- Bear, Tolerate, Suffer
Antonym- Refuse, Cease, Oppose
Example- She wants to make sure her legacy will endure.

8. Hoover (verb)
Meaning- to clean a carpet, floor, etc. with a vacuum cleaner (निगलना)
Synonym- Vacuum, Swallow, Gobble
Antonym- Build, Create, Nibble
Example- He was busy hoovering the bedroom carpet when I got home.

9. Bereave (verb)
Meaning- a relative or close friend has just died (शोकसंतप्त)
Synonym- Deprive, Strip, Oust
Antonym- Clothe, Hold, Keep
Example- His parents joined other bereaved families in calling for troops to be pulled out.

10. Enrage (verb)
Meaning- to make somebody very angry (क्रोध)
Synonym- Infuriate, Madden, Anger
Antonym- Calm, Soothe, Delight
Example- His thoughtless behavior enraged us.


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